About the Journal

Kaygı: Uludag University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Journal of Philosophy is a bi-annual academic journal which accepts articles in Turkish, English, French and German.

The journal is edited and published by the Department of Philosophy, Uludag University (Turkey). Kaygı is a journal of philosophy with an interdisciplinary character. It provides a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues in contemporary philosophy, history of philosophy, epistemology, ontology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, cultural critique, ethics, aesthetics, and related matters. The journal is open to different philosophical orientations, styles and schools, and welcomes theoretical dialogue between them.

Kaygı publishes original articles, translations, book reviews, and discussions. Papers submitted to this journal must not be already published nor under review elsewhere. All papers submitted to Kaygı are sent to referees chosen by the editorial board. The board may request certain corrections or substantial revisions from the authors in accordance with the referee reports.

For original papers, there are no restrictions with regard to the philosophical tradition or length of the work. The paper must be accompanied by an abstract (not longer than 100 words) and 5-10 key terms. Discussions must be about papers that have been published in past issues of Kaygı and must not exceed 4000 words. Turkish translations of book chapters or articles must be on philosophically significant matters (Please contact the editors before starting a translation project for this journal). Translations submitted for consideration also undergo the refereeing process. Book reviews can be on philosophical works written in Turkish or any other language, and their length is limited to 2000 words. The formal rules of Kaygı (e.g., how to give citation info) can be found in the Information for Authors page.